Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Arts farts!

my poor poor little blog. just another one of my neglected, dusty corners of the internet, haha.

recently, i've been working on making my portfolio more cohesive and pinning down 2 or 3 styles. that way i won't look like a schizo and actually fool people into believing i have direction. it's still fun to go crazy with styles on the side though. :D

ANYWHO on to the arts hello.

turn of the century France, man, that's where it's at! i'm playing around with different frame designs to finish this one off. trying to push shapes and not be so ambiguous with shadows and colors.

this was already posted on my joint themed blog, but the concept was fun enough to post twice. there has to be some kinda clever pun involving jump roping with one's intestines, but i got nuthin.

1 comment:

Kim Herbst said...

YAY! you updated!! These two styles look really great! Loving your colors 'n lines, as always :D