Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Before I was drenched in freelance work this past summer, I DREW.  For fun.  Sometimes.  A little!

Sketch Dailies over at the Twitters produces prompts daily (who'da figured) and many moons ago, one of their prompts was Medusa.  They can really help dig you out of an art funk or if you're plain bored or out of ideas, they usually come up with great topics!

I like to think that Medusa knew how to keep her hair on point.  She could wrangle those snakes into cute updo styles!  Hmmmm that gives me some ideas....

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Monkey King!

Of course I forgot his tail!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I love animals!  I loooooooove-ish fashion, but being a lazy bum I'm not totally up n up on current trends (besides easy comfy ones like big baggy sweater, leggings, boots, DONE).  So, in this little animal world I'm developing I came up with a giraffe who's all about colorful outfits and is ~totes~ trendy!  Well, in my universe this is 'trendy'.  I just put random stuff together and hope stylists with actual taste don't run away screaming in a fit.

If there's anyone still sticking around blogspot, kudos to you!  I haven't given up on it despite the death of Google Reader (oh, Reader...why...I thought we had something special), though maybe it's a futile effort reviving this little blog.

If you're looking for a good GR replacement, I recommend Feedly!  It's similar in functionality to Reader AND it has a cute little mascot.  Really that was the selling point for me :)