Friday, June 25, 2010


Kung Fu Panda © Dreamworks Animation

I've wanted to avoid falling into the fanart pit here, but some movies are simply too awesome to not pay tribute to! Kung Fu Panda came on t.v. last night, which got a friend and me started on some KFP doodles. I got Tigress and she got Po (who is so ADORABLY fat and roly poly!).

I was seriously all in Nico Marlet's* face, studying his way of designing, figuring out what details he'd include and how everything flows together to support one idea. A lot of my characters (and drawings in general) could use some focus, so this was a great exercise.

*If you don't know this guy, CHECK HIM OUT AND WORSHIP HIM. He's a designer's designer's designer!

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Anissa Espinosa said...

heehee, I did a search for "dreamwork face" and this came up! xD