Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Giraffey Taffy

WOWZERS! Two posts within the same month? What sorcery is this??

Giraffe! It's chewin' and chillin'. I had a block of hot press watercolor paper lying around, untouched, because I HATE hot press paper. Cold press is my one true love, but I've seen so many artists who are amazing at using hot press that maybe it doesn't actually require black magic and baby's tears to make good art with it.

It was really tough at first, but I managed to adapt to it and have fun! It's a different, misunderstood monster from cold press. I didn't give it a chance. Anyway, had some fun with watercolor, acrylic, ink (that bled in places), and colored pencils. Next time I wanna get looser and let the colored pencils stand out a bit more. We'll see!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Red pandas go RAAAAAAA

Red panda! I need to add more animals to my portfolio and red pandas seemed like a pretty good place to start. Messin' around with simplified lines and shapes and muted colors. A part of me feels complete now that I've introduced Payne's Grey in the mix. Oh Payne's Grey where have you beeennnn all my life. Mixed with Cadmium Yellow it makes the most pleasant greens (far better than the scan implies) mmmmm~

I need to get out more, haha.